Ep 19: Men Have a Voice (Part 7)

Sean is a Jesus worshiper, who is loving, caring, hopeful, kind, creative, different, self-reflective, a good listener, stubborn, gentle, firm, disciplined, laid back, easy going, a thinker, friend, son, husband, father, pastor, and teacher.  In addition, Sean is the Senior Pastor of Covenant Community Center in Raleigh, North Carolina.  His prophetic gifting has made him a … Read moreEp 19: Men Have a Voice (Part 7)

Ep 18: Men Have a Voice (Part 6)

Redonno Carmon is a licensed marriage and family therapist associate. He helps couples rediscover friendship and how important they are to one another. He focuses on helping couples recognize ineffective relationship patterns, and how to show up more fully present in the relationship. He has a B.A. in Christian Studies from Campbell University and a … Read moreEp 18: Men Have a Voice (Part 6)

Ep 17: Men Have a Voice (Part 5)

Justin Smith is  a  dedicated  school  administrator  with  15  years  of  experience  in  education. He  attended  North  Carolina  State  University  and  earned  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  degree  in  History  Education.  After  graduating  he  began  his  teaching  career  in  Raleigh,  NC. In  August  of  2010  he  accepted  the  prestigious  North  Carolina  Principal  Fellows  Scholarship  to  attend  … Read moreEp 17: Men Have a Voice (Part 5)

Ep 16: Men Have a Voice (Part 4)

Kwame B. Rich was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated from college with a degree in Psychology. In July of 1994, Kwame and his childhood friend ventured out and founded their own community service organization. From very humble beginnings with an office in a friend’s basement and one client to serve between them, … Read moreEp 16: Men Have a Voice (Part 4)

Ep 15: Men Have a Voice (Part 3)

Joshua T. Rich is a proud husband of 6 years to his wife Kim and father of Caleb (4) and Kelsey (2). He is an HBCU graduate from the University Maryland Eastern Shore. In December 2018, he completed his Master’s degree in Management with a concentration in Organizational Leadership at American Military University (AMU). Joshua … Read moreEp 15: Men Have a Voice (Part 3)