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Guided Meditation with Khadijah RBz

Guided meditation with Khadijah RBz leads people through a meditation experience, supporting them as they discover the beauty of CALM and tap into PEACE that surpasses all understanding.

The session encourages calm, relaxation and focus through breathing, stillness and affirmations.

Meditation has been known to:

    1. Relieve stress
    2. Expand focus
    3. Increase cognitive skills and creative thinking
    4. Enhance awareness
    5. Improve the flow of energy
    6. Decreases worry
    7. Brings your mind, body, and spirit in harmony
    8. Helps you develop a closer relationship with God

(To name a FEW!)

During your session, Khadijah RBz will guide you through a meditation to calm and ease your mind and support you in creating intentions for your life. This is your time and you will select the concerns you would like to work through and the intentions you would like to establish. Each meditation is custom and intentional.

Standard sessions are 30 minutes.