living life without borders

You Betta’ Read Girl

Read. Never settle. Read. Never settle. Read. Never settle. Read. Never settle. LIFE is always teaching.

My Costa Rican Reality

I honestly think this decision was one of the most challenging ones we, as a family, have made. Because we LITERALLY picked up our WHOLE life as we KNEW it to live in an unknown place and eventually unknown places.

Your Gut Matters

I began to delve into this area of health when it seemed like I could not find the answers I needed to improve my health. It seemed like I offered many random theories but no answers regarding why my body was not ‘up-to-parr’.

Diverse Perspectives

may we take what we need from the space we are in to complete our own journey without comparing and contrasting what others are gathering for theirs. 

Fruit Feasting Meal One

I LOVE fruit feasting [not fasting] and have partaken in two since being in Costa Rica. I am planning to begin the month of October with a 10-day fruit feast and the details are below – eat raw, high-water, sweet…
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