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Lies You Tell

…my skepticism is on an all-time high. Not that it is going to matter much after we relocate but it is frustrating to know that regardless of how you try to be mindful of what you eat and how you live there is always something that we aren’t being told, unnecessarily.

Oh, Baby I Like it Raw!

But who would I be if I did not continue to challenge myself? I mean, after all I am Khadijah RBz, right lol. I love a good challenge (sarcasm).

Liver Flushed

Cleansing is a part of living that I find to be an important undertaking. The discipline and mental stamina need is no joke. With that being said, last week I completed a liver and gallbladder cleanse (flush).

Straight from the Heart

Let me tell you up front, this post comes from the heart… straight up (like Paula, ha!).

For the Record…

All vegans are not healthy.

There I said it.