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Khadijah’s Journey featured on Plant Powered Sistas

You are worth the effort to change your eating lifestyle. You are worth every dollar you spend to be your best self. You are worth feeling alive because you are eating living foods. You are worth being healthy and whole. (Heck, you are even worth the frustration you may feel at times because it will only make you better!)

Well-BEing Wednesday: Gimmie that Green Wata

I love green. The color and food. Green colored foods are good for our bodies for numerous reasons…

Well-BEing Wednesday: My Stomach Has Its Own Ringtone

I had to have a meeting with my gut to find out what in the world is going on and how can I help? Do you have those types of meetings with your body when something is off?

Free Friday: Let’s Talk What YOUR Health

I get it, you watched What the Health and now you are a vegan. You have all the answers and want everyone to be a vegan with you. (Been there done that!) It doesn’t matter how many documentaries you watch, if you lack discipline and a motivating WHY…

You Betta’ Read Girl

Read. Never settle. Read. Never settle. Read. Never settle. Read. Never settle. LIFE is always teaching.